The tournament is played as a qualifying round with 7 Matches to 11 points. If players wins 5 matches they qualify for the main round which is played as a knock out tournament. All players who did not win 5 matches play in the consolation. There are no last chance.

Players winning 5 matches and losing 0 in qualifying rounds will be the first to get a bye if any,  then 5 wins/1 loss and finally 5 wins/ 2 losses. Note, when you have won 5 matches you do not play more matches in the qualifying round.

Qualifying rounds are played on Thursday-Friday.

Main is played Saturday and semi and final on Sunday.

Clocks are mandatory in all matches

New Unique format: All players will play up to 7 rounds Swiss system and all players who lose no more than 2 matches make the cut to the main tournaments. All others play in the consolation.


Tournament Director: Steen Grønbech

Tournament Organiser: The Caleta Hotel – Franco Ostuni

Staff: Morten Johansen, Julie Thabault, Morten Johansen, Casper Brandenborg


  • Gibraltar Backgammon Championship 2017 2017
    Karsten Bredahl (Gibraltar)

    Karsten Bredahl is the Winner of Gibraltar Backgammon Championship 2017

  • Merit Park Open 2015
    Gareth Owen (Cyprus)

    Welcome to Gaz Owen, newly crowned winner of Merit Park Open Nov. 2015. Can Gaz repeat this big achievement in Gibraltar?

  • World Champion 2015
    Ali Cihangir Çetinel (Turkey)

    Current World Champion from Turkey have announced his arrival at Gibraltar Open in February. We are so happy to see you in the players list and give you the warmest welcome to our new tournament.

  • Nordic Open 2014
    Marc Brockmann Olsen (Denmark)

    Former Pro football player, Author of "Backgammon - From basics to badass" and winner of Nordic Open 2014. Marc lives in Malaga, Spain and will attend in the 1. Gibraltar Open.

  • World Champion 2008
    Lars Trabolt (Denmark)

    Lars is a great tournament player. World Champion 2008, World Championship finalist 2009, Nordic Open winner 2001 and many more tournament results. Meet Lars Trabolt at Gibraltar Open 2016.

  • World Champion 2014
    Akiko Yazawa (Japan)

    Akiko Yazawa of Japan took the title by defeating Douglas Mayfield of USA at DMP in the double-elimination tiebreaker, making her only the 3rd female in history to become World Champion.