VERY IMPORTANT! Please read carefully.

Visa Nationals who hold United Kingdom Multiple Visit Visas valid for 6 months or more, are eligible to enter Gibraltar at the ultimate discretion of Gibraltar’s Borders & Coastguards Agency without the need for an additional visa.

This exemption also applied to nationals or citizens of Morocco, the People's Republic of China, Mongolia, India or Russia who are holders of multiple entry Schengen visas with a minimum remaining validity of 7 days on the date of departure. Such persons are only allowed to enter Gibraltar for a maximum period of 21 days. Additionally, visa nationals who hold EU family permits and persons who hold UK Biometric residence permits valid for 12 months or more will also be able to enter Gibraltar without the need for a separate visa.

Visa Nationals who wish to avail themselves of the exemption arrangements outlined above but who enter Gibraltar from Spain intending to return there or those in transit into Spain will only be admitted if they hold a valid Schengen visa ensuring their entry/re-entry into Spain because Gibraltar is not part of Schengen.

The list of countries whose nationals require visas to enter Gibraltar is the same as the UK list. Therefore persons who require visas to enter the UK by virtue of their nationality also require visas to enter Gibraltar unless they are exempt by the arrangements explained above. Further information can be found at

Visas for Gibraltar may be applied for at the British Embassy in the applicant’s country of normal residence. If applying online go to

Every person entering Gibraltar must be in possession of a valid passport (or national identity card in the case of EU/EEA nationals) or other recognised travel documents establishing the nationality and identity of the holder to the satisfaction of Gibraltar’s Borders & Coastguards Agency.

The organisers will provide formal invitations for visa purposes, however it is vital that players start their visa application process no later than 1st November 2016.

Warning: if you leave your application too late you will not be able to process your visa in time.

For more information please contact the Gibraltar Tourist Board:

T: (350) 200 74950
F: (350) 200 74943